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Technical Meeting on Economics of Flexible Operation in Nuclear Power Plants

3 – 5 Dec 2019
Phoenix, AZ, United States of America
Event code: EVT1804849

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss potential economic consequences of flexible operation in nuclear power plants (NPPs) in different markets, energy mix and grid structures, and to explore methods and models needed to estimate the economic consequences of flexible operation, by reviewing and exchanging expert views.

In particular, the meeting participants will investigate:

  • What type of and how many grid services (e.g. load following, frequency control, reactive power, etc.) could NPPs support and at what penalty?
  • What is the economic value/impact of being able to provide grid services?
  • What type of flexibility in nuclear generation is required by the grid? What is the optimal level of flexible capacity in a system?
  • How can nuclear be used in different grid environments (i.e. size, complexity) to cope with variable power demand and fluctuating supply from renewables?
  • What are the economic implications (including different revenues streams) for using large-scale reactors? How does market regulation and real-market interaction affect the economic viability of using nuclear under the various markets?

The meeting is aimed at current and future nuclear industry and grid system stakeholders, particularly NPP and grid owner/operator organizations, grid and energy planners, policy makers and regulators. 

Those interested in participating in this technical meeting are requested to apply by sending Participation Form (Form A) through their official national channels.

Nominations for participants without IAEA financial support will be accepted until 7 October 2019. 

Inquiries can be directed to the Scientific Secretaries – see Information Sheet for contact details.


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