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Niveles de intervención derivados para su aplicación al control de las dosis de radiación al público en caso de accidente nuclear o de emergencia radiológica. Principios, procediementos y datos


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Spanish STI/PUB/751 92-0-323288-5
26.00 1988


This publication provides practical support to the guidance contained in IAEA Safety Series No. 72, Principles for Establishing Intervention Levels for the Protection of the Public in the Event of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency. In the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency there is a need to determine the levels of projected dose at which it may be necessary to introduce relevant protective measures. However, more practical quantities are needed for the comparison of measurement results made in environmental materials and in foodstuffs. These derived intervention levels (DlLs) need to be determined for the radionuclides of potential radiological importance. This report gives guidance in elaborating the principles, procedures and methodologies relevant to the evaluation of DILs.
Contents: Introduction; Intervention levels and principles underlying their estimation; Procedures for establishing derived intervention levels for exposure due to a single radionuclide and single exposure pathway; Estimation of derived intervention levels and their practical application; Annex 1: Derived intervention levels for selected nuclides and exposure pathways; Annex 2: Definition of symbols used.

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