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Definición y recomendaciones a los efectos del convención sobre la prevención de la contaminación del mar por vertimiento de desechos y otras materias, 1972. Edición de 1986.


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Under the terms of the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter, the IAEA is the organization with the responsibility for defining high level radioactive wastes or other high level radioactive matter which is unsuitable for dumping at sea. The IAEA established a provisional Definition and Recommendations in 1972 and a revised version in 1978. The present Safety Series document contains the second revised Definition and Recommendations, which were established in 1985.
Contents: Scope; 1. Introduction to the Definition and Recommendations; 2. Definition of high level radioactive waste or other high level radioactive matter unsuitable for dumping at sea; 3. Recommendations required by Annex II of the Convention pertaining to the dumping of radioactive wastes; Annex I. Derivation of the quantitative definition of wastes unsuitable for dumping at sea; Annex II. Comparison with previous Definition and Recommendations; Annex III. Summary of meetings and documentation.

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