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Aspectos de seguridad de la cimentación de centrales nucleares


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Spanish STI/PUB/727 92-0-324288-0
19.00 1989


Foundations are the link between plant structures and subsoil. Information on the geology and subsurface characteristics of the site is an input for the design. Without proper adaptation of the design to the subsurface situation, safety may be impaired. This guide addresses the mechanical characteristics of different subsurface materials.
Contents: Introduction; Design profiles; Methods of analysis; Discussion of relevant aspects; Programme of investigation; Preliminary foundation work; Monitoring of geotechnical parameters; Quality assurance requirements for programmes of investigation; Appendix A: Site investigation programmes; Appendix B: Subsurface investigation techniques; Appendix C: Laboratory testing methods; Appendix D: Foundation soil improvement techniques; Appendix E: Geotechnical instrumentation.

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