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Inundaciones tip en el caso de centrales nucleares emplazadas junto a ríos


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Spanish STI/PUB/602 92-0-323484-5
16.00 1984


This guide presents techniques for determining the design basis flood (DBF) to be used for siting nuclear power plants at or near non-tidal reaches of rivers and for the protection of nuclear power plants against floods. Both natural floods and those due to dam failures are discussed. Flooding could have repercussions on safety; consequently the DBF has to be chosen to have a very low probability of exceedance per annum. Two types of methods (probabilistic and deterministic) are discussed.
Contents: Introduction; Preliminary investigation; Detailed information; Methodologies for flood analysis; Floods due to precipitation; Floods from sudden releases of natural or artificial storage; Floods from causes other than precipitation and release from storage; Relationship between flow, water level and other flood parameters; Initial conditions and combined events; Flood protection aspects of nuclear power plant siting; Monitoring and forecasting for plant protection; Changes in flood characteristics of drainage basins; Annex I: Frequency curve method and its relation to stochastic methods; Annex II: Stochastic methods in evaluating runoff floods; Annex III: Causes of floods other than precipitation and release from storage; Annex IV: Monitoring and forecasting for plant protection.

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