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Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities

General Safety Requirements

Spanish Edition
GSR Part 4 (Rev. 1)

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Spanish STI/PUB/1714 978-92-0-312016-6
42 3 49.00 2018

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This publication describes the generally applicable requirements to be fulfilled in safety assessments for facilities and activities, with special attention paid to defence in depth, quantitative analyses and the application of a graded approach to the range of facilities and activities that are addressed. The requirements provide a consistent and coherent basis for safety assessments, facilitating the transfer of good practices between organizations. A review of Safety Requirements publications was commenced in 2011 following the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. The review revealed no significant areas of weakness and resulted in just a small set of amendments to strengthen the requirements and facilitate their implementation, which are contained in the present publication.


IAEA Safety Standards, Safety Analysis, Safety Assessment, Nuclear Facilities, Safety Measures, Nuclear Power Plants, Risk Assessment, Industrial Safety, Safety Analysis, Good Practice, Service Life, Ionizing Radiation, Siting, Design, Operation, Radiation Risks, Maintenance, Transport, Radiation Protection, Research Reactors, Enrichment Facilities, Radioactive Waste Management, Fuel Storage, Reprocessing Plants, Uranium Mining and Milling, Decommissioning

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