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Model Regulations for the Use of Radiation Sources and for the Management of the Associated Radioactive Waste

Supplement to IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GS-G-1.5

Spanish Edition

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Spanish IAEA-TECDOC-1732 978-92-0-300915-7
18.00 2015

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This publication provides advice on an appropriate set of regulations covering all aspects of the use of radiation sources and the safe management of the associated radioactive waste. The publication provides the framework for the regulatory requirements and conditions to be incorporated into individual authorizations for the use of radiation sources in industry, medical facilities, research and education, and in agriculture. It also establishes criteria to be used for assessing compliance. The content allows States to appraise the adequacy of their existing regulations and regulatory guides, and acts as a reference for those States developing regulations for the first time. The publication is a supplement to the guidance in the IAEA Safety Guide GS-G-1.5, Regulatory Control of Radiation Sources.

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Radiation Sources and Accelerators, Safety Measures, Radioactive Substances, Radioactive Waste Management, Radiation Protection, Contamination, Legal Aspects, International Regulations, Materials, Medical Facilities, Safety Regulations, IAEA Safety Standards, Compliance, Research, Education, Agriculture

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