Enhancing Security in Transport of Nuclear and other Radioactive Material

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Coordinated Research Project

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This Coordinated Research Project (CRP) is intended to identify and evaluate technologies that can be applied to strengthen security of nuclear and other radioactive material during transport. This will include identifying gaps between existing transport security systems and more technologically advanced systems that can provide more efficient comprehensive security coverage appropriate for the potential consequences of the material being transported (i.e., in a graded approach). The CRP is open to institutes from IAEA Member States that will undertake experiment/research technical activities at their institutions aimed at enhancing nuclear security during transport. It will create an encouraging environment for the development of innovative and new approaches to providing integrated technologies that support security elements such as detection, assessment of alarms, identifying the location of a security event and communications (both overt and covert). Such an environment would be a collaboration platform for sharing knowledge and experience and the exchange of information and expertise.For more information, please contract Mr Michael Shannon, the Project Officer for this CRP, via email: “m.shannon@iaea.org”.


To identify, research and develop technologies and their applications that can be used to strengthen the security of nuclear and radioactive material during transport.

Specific objectives

Support development and improvement of conveyance tracking, mobile sensors and integrated transport security systems.

Support implementation of security technologies that can be used to strengthen security during transport, including technologies that can be integrated into effective overall security systems.

Support development and improvement of package tracking technologies to increase performance and reduce costs.

Identify security systems applicable to transport of nuclear and other radioactive material.

Provide analysis of transport security experience in other sectors to identify vulnerabilities, trends and solutions that can be applied to nuclear and other radioactive material shipments.

Support adoption of improved vehicle security capabilities.

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