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Where can you find nuclear security systems and measures?

Almost everywhere!

Wherever nuclear or other radioactive material is used, national authorities work to ensure that it remains secure. That means we can often find nuclear security systems and measures in industry, energy production, research and development, medicine, agriculture and even spacecraft.

These systems and measures are used by countries to prevent, detect and respond to the threat of malicious use of nuclear or other radioactive material. They can range from legislation and regulation to threat and risk assessment, and from physical protection to nuclear security culture. Such systems and measures are an important part of a country’s national nuclear security regime and play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

Although the nuclear security of a country rests entirely with the country itself, the IAEA works with countries, upon request, to help meet their responsibilities for maintaining effective national nuclear security regimes. As nuclear security threats recognize no borders, the IAEA serves as the focal point for coordinating national, bilateral and international efforts to strengthen nuclear security.

February, 2020
Vol. 61-1

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