The IAEA offers Member States numerous expert review services related to the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. Building on many years of experience in conducting peer reviews in the field of radioactive waste management, the IAEA has developed an integrated review service for radioactive waste and spent fuel management, decommissioning and remediation programmes, referred to as ARTEMIS. Based on the IAEA safety standards, technical guidance and international good practices, ARTEMIS aims to assist in improving organizational performance relating to the issues under review in Member States and to contribute to increased national and international confidence in their activities.

What does ARTEMIS cover?

ARTEMIS is an integrated review service that covers:

  • radioactive waste and spent fuel management,
  • control of the nuclear discharges to the environment,
  • decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and
  • environmental remediation of radiologically contaminated sites.

Many peer reviews in the radioactive waste management field have been conducted by the IAEA over the past decade upon request of Member States in a variety of related topics. Some examples of reviews conducted in previous years are available to illustrate the variety of review topics the IAEA may address.

Who is ARTEMIS for?

An ARTEMIS review is intended for facility operators and other implementing organizations responsible for radioactive waste management, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the remediation of sites contaminated with radioactive materials. It is also intended for regulators, government agencies, and national policy decision makers.

What is ARTEMIS’ scope?

The Terms of Reference, mutually agreed between the IAEA and the Member State counterpart, determines the scope of the review. The process and scope are flexible, and can be adapted to meet the counterpart’s needs.

ARTEMIS reviews may cover existing or planned national or institutional policy and regulation frameworks as well as waste management programmes, projects or facilities. They may also involve detailed assessment and technical advice on the implementation of specific programmes and project activities.

What are the benefits of ARTEMIS review?

ARTEMIS provides the requesting Member State government or organization with the consolidated opinions and advice of a specially selected team of independent experts. Benefits include:

  • Improved organizational performance relating to the issues under review.
  • Enhanced safety, optimized operations and reduced costs.
  • Improved transparency and stakeholder confidence, including with the general public
  • Assessment of the status of national programmes vis a vis national policies and strategies.
  • Additional perspectives made available to strengthen the decision making processes.

The review process consists of several steps, including: the formal initiation of the review process, the development of the Terms of Reference, the review of documentation, the review meeting itself and the preparation of the review report. More details on the whole review process can be found in the ARTEMIS brochure and leaflet .

How to apply for an ARTEMIS review?

If you are interested in applying for an ARTEMIS review, address an official request to the ARTEMIS Review Coordinator at the IAEA by regular mail, or by email to Please, note that official requests must be transmitted to the IAEA through a Member State’s Permanent Mission.

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