Economic Appraisal of Small Modular Reactors Projects: Methodologies and Applications

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The CRP discusses technical-economic assessment approaches for advanced reactor concepts currently under development for near-term deployment. The focus will be on small modular reactors (SMR), including micro-reactors. These reactors can be used to generate electricity, process heat and ancillary services in evolving power grids relying increasingly on variable generation from renewables and a variety of energy storage systems. The topics to be addressed in the context of the CRP include methodologies for planning and cost analysis, project structuring, financial valuation, business case demonstration, and economic appraisal. Approaches for dealing explicitly with risks and uncertainties attached to these concepts will also be addressed considering specific technology features of SMR. The CRP will provide Member States – both technology developers and end-users – with a sound basis for informing their decision-making process.

Specific objectives

Develop a methodological basis for the technical-economic assessment of innovative reactor concepts currently under development.

Apply the methodology to assess the technical-economics of small modular reactors (SMR) and micro-reactors by both technology developers and end-users.

Compile the knowledge developed in the context of the CRP in a dedicated report. The report will include a description of the methodological basis and illustrative case studies from Member States.

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