Department of Management

Division of Budget and Finance (MTBF)

The objective of the Division of Budget and Finance (MTBF) is to deliver services in support of all Agency programmes including: programme budgeting, payments and accounting, and reporting on the use of financial resources to senior management, the Board of Governors and Member States. The Division is also responsible for the implementation and management of the Agency's financial information systems. The work of the Division is intended to ensure the continued confidence of the Board of Governors and Member States in the financial management of the Agency.

Division of General Services (MTGS)

The Division of General Services (MTGS) provides service functions throughout the IAEA, such as travel and transport support, facilities management, archives and records management, and management of the Vienna International Centre (VIC) Commissary. MTGS comprises five sections:

Facilities Management Section

The Facilities Management Section provides technical advice and has overall responsibility for the implementation of major facilities management, specific projects and administrative services for all IAEA premises. This includes providing technical services for IAEA meetings and conferences in the Vienna International Centre (VIC) and the Austria Center Vienna, such as set-up and operation of worldwide video conferences and video job interviews for the IAEA.

Seibersdorf Facility Management Section

The Seibersdorf Facility Management Section supports the IAEA's laboratories at Seibersdorf in all technical matters related to the operation of the site and implementation of the IAEA's programmes and projects. This includes providing safety, security, administration, logistics, communication and transport services.

Transport and General Support Section

The Transport and General Support Section is responsible for the handling of shipment, removals and storage of household goods and IAEA official vehicles. It also prepares and processes petrol tax refunds for official vehicles and diplomats, issues and renews Austrian residency permits ('legitimation' cards) for eligible staff members, experts, fellows, consultants and interns.

Archives and Records Management Section

The Archives and Records Management Section establishes a framework for the creation and management of authentic, reliable and usable records capable of supporting IAEA business functions and activities for as long as they are required. The Section is divided into three units: Mail, Records and Archives.

Commissary Management Section

The Commissary Management Section manages the Commissary at the Vienna International Centre (VIC). The Commissary is a tax and duty-free store that is operated under the authority of the Director General of the IAEA. It was established as a self-sustaining and non-profit making operation in order to facilitate the purchase of limited quantities of consumer goods by the diplomats of Permanent Missions of Member States accredited to the UN organizations, staff members of the UN organizations based at the VIC, as well as of other authorized organizations.

Division of Conference and Document Services (MTCD)

The Division of Conference and Document Services (MTCD) facilitates the effective exchange and dissemination of information relevant to the Agency's work and mandate between the Secretariat and Member States, and among Member States. To this end, MTCD organizes meetings and conferences, edits, prints and distributes documents and scientific and technical publications in the six official UN languages.

Division of Human Resources (MTHR)

The objective of the Division of Human Resources (MTHR) is to provide services ranging from human resources planning, recruitment, staff development and career management to compensation and benefits, as well as medical and health-related services.

Division of Information Technology (MTIT)

The goal of the Division of Information Technology (MTIT) is to provide high quality, reliable and sustainable information communication and technology solutions and services.

Division of Procurement Services (MTPS)

The Office of Procurement Services (MTPS) procures goods and services in support of the IAEA's mandate. With over €200 million in spend, a third of the value is for delivery to counterparts in Member States throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and the remainder is for delivery to the IAEA's Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and its field laboratories and offices. The Office procures specialized construction services and security upgrades (for nuclear related facilities); the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive material, accelerators and cyclotrons for medical purposes, a wide range of equipment and services related to radiation detection, laboratory supplies, analytical instruments, isotopes, nuclear imaging and radiotherapy, hydrology, and nuclear safety and security as well as typical goods and services to maintain HQ operations.