Offices Reporting to the Director General

Director General's Office for Coordination (DGOC)

The Director General's Office for Coordination (DGOC) is responsible for a number of functions that are essential to support the Director General in performing his responsibilities. These include providing overall policy coordination, external relations with Member States and stakeholders, policy planning and strategy, as well as coordinating the activities of the New York and Geneva offices, which liaise with the United Nations and its agencies.

Secretariat of Policy-Making Organs (PMO)

The objectives of the Secretariat of the Policy-Making Organs (PMO) is to enable the Policy-Making Organs — the General Conference and the Board of Governors — to effectively perform their statutory responsibilities and their other functions and to ensure that all meetings of the Policy-Making Organs are conducted efficiently.

Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS)

The Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) was established to strengthen the Agency’'s ability to change through improved management practice, programme performance and enhanced accountability.

Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)

The objectives of the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) are (i) to ensure the legally appropriate performance of the Agency’'s work, to prepare legal instruments, including international agreements and internal regulations, to provide legal interpretations of these instruments and regulations, (ii) to ensure that the legal aspects of the Agency'’s work programme are appropriately addressed, (iii) to provide advice on legal questions relating to the work of the Agency and to provide assistance for the development of nuclear legislation in Member States, and (iv) to ensure a coordinated approach to legal issues common to the United Nations system.

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Office of Public Information and Communication (OPIC)

The Office of Public Information and Communication (OPIC) provides objective, accurate and timely information about the IAEA and nuclear developments to foster public understanding of the IAEA's global roles. It also provides advice to the Director General on his relations with the media and organizes his press briefings. The Office coordinates the communication activities for the rest of the Agency and assists in the media aspects of major IAEA events and conferences.