Member State Points of Contact for the Recruitment of Women

Member States Designate Points of Contact for the Recruitment of Women

All Member States are requested to designate a "Point of Contact" to actively support the Agency´s efforts in recruiting women in the Professional and higher categories.

The role of the Points of Contact is to:

  1. Identify institutions from where suitably qualified female candidates could be attracted, such as nuclear societies, universities, nuclear regulatory authorities, etc. The names of institutions with a relevant contact person and e-mail address should be submitted to the Secretariat via e-mail at [email protected];
  2. Spread the word to institutions and individual candidates about employment opportunities at the IAEA;
  3. a) Promote the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme by re-energizing or exploring the possibilities of establishing such a programme in the Member State;
        b) Expand fellowships by working with the Department of Technical Cooperation and relevant Member State institutions.
  4. Set up recruitment missions funded by the Member State that explain the work and mission of the IAEA and spread the word about employment opportunities.

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Meetings of the Points of Contact

Following is a list of meetings held by the Points of Contact to date:

  • 11 March 2010 | Talking points for the Eighth Meeting of Points of Contact for the Recruitment of Women by IAEA Director General, Yukiya Amano.
    - Read Statement »

  • 28 September 2006 | Deputy Director General Mr. David Waller welcomed Member State delegates and emphasized that it is crucial for all current members of the Board of Governors to join the Point of Contact effort. Mr. Doug Northey, Director of the Division of Personnel, gave remarks on the challenges that the IAEA faces in recruiting well-qualified women Professionals. He was followed by a briefing from Ms. Jill Cooley, Director of the Division of Concepts and Planning in the Department of Safeguards, regarding her experiences at the 2006 Women in Nuclear global annual meeting. Ms. Anita Nilsson, IAEA Focal Point for Gender Concerns, and Ms. Catherine Monzel, Alternate Focal Point, then led an interactive discussion with delegates regarding the Secretariat´s recent actions taken towards furthering gender equality, as well as new ways in which Points of Contact can assist in this area. Several delegates commented on their recent experiences with carrying out Point of Contact activities. Following the meeting, Mr. Waller sent a letter - enclosed in the summary below - to all Resident Representatives of Member States currently serving on the Board of Governors that have not yet nominated a Point of Contact.
    - Briefing Summary » [pdf]

  • 2 March 2006 | Twenty-two Member State representatives participated in the meeting. In the introductory remarks, David Waller, Deputy Director General, welcomed delegates and emphasized the importance of the partnership between the Secretariat and Member States in recruiting from the small pool of well qualified women in the nuclear field. Anita Nilsson, IAEA Focal Point for Gender Concerns, and Catherine Monzel, Alternate Focal Point, presented the Secretariat´s recent actions taken towards furthering gender equality.

    Following the briefing, several delegates expressed their support for the Point of Contact meetings and suggested new ways of reaching out to well qualified women candidates.
    - Briefing Summary » [pdf]

  • 6 September 2005 | Over 20 Member States were briefed on the "Status of Women in the Secretariat" 2005 report to the Board of Governors and General Conference, with a focus on the efforts of the Points of Contact.

    IAEA Deputy Director, Mr. David Waller, urged Member States that had not already done so, to designate a Point of Contact. Ms. Anita Nilsson, IAEA Focal Point for Gender Concerns, presented a briefing on the report and summarized developments related to gender issues. She emphasized that for the first time in the Agency´s history, the representation of women in the Professional categories has surpassed 20%.

    Following the briefing, five Points of Contact gave substantive reports on their activities with respect to the recruitment of women since the first meeting, and a number of other delegates reported that progress was under way. The meeting concluded with a discussion on recruitment issues.
    - Briefing Summary » [pdf]

  • 23 June 2005 | Approximately 25 Points of Contact participated in the meeting. Following introductory remarks by Deputy Director General David Waller, Anita Nilsson, IAEA Focal Point for Gender Concerns, gave a presentation on the current status of the representation of female Professional staff. Catherine Monzel, Head of Recruitment and Staff Development, then briefed the Points of Contact on the recruitment process, conditions of employment and efforts made towards establishing a family-friendly environment. The Points of Contact were requested to take a number of actions to assist the Secretariat.
    - Briefing Summary » [pdf]

List of Points of Contact

(The number in parentheses indicates the number of institutions submitted by the Member State to the Secretariat under task 1:)

Albania (0)
Ms Selvi Becaj, Permanent Mission of Albania

Argentina (0)
Ms. Nélida Contreras de Ecker, Permanent Mission of Argentina

Australia (23)
Ms. Ada Cheung, Permanent Mission of Australia

Austria (18)
Dr. Barbara Pfeiffer, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Azerbaijan (0)
Ms. Nargiz Gurbanova, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Bangladesh (0)
Mr. Nayem Uddin Ahmed, Permanent Mission of Bangladesh

Belgium (0)
Ms. Sibille de Cartier, Permanent Mission of Belgium

Brazil (0)
Ms. Viviane da Silva Simões, National Nuclear Energy Commission

Burkina Faso (0)
Ms. Hilaire Soulame, Permanent Mission of Burkina Faso

Cameroon (0)
Dr. Estelle Claudine Sajo Nana, Centre de Recherche en Alimentation et Nutrition (CRAN)

Canada (0)
Ms. Janice Fitchett, Permanent Mission of Canada

Chile (0)
Ms. Cecilia Urbana, Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN)

Côte d´Ivoire (0)
Ms. Blanche A. Djetouan, Department of Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy

Cuba (0)
Ms. Luisa Aniuska Betancourt Hernandez, Centro Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear (CNSN)

Denmark (0)
Ms. Louise Fluger Callesen, Permananet Mission of Denmark

Republic of Ecuador (0)
Mr. José Rosenberg Gerrero, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Ecuador

Republic of Finland (0)
Mr. Lauri Hirvonen, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Finland

France (0)
Ms. Christine Bruma, French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

Ghana (0)
Dr. Mary Boady, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Germany (16)
Mr. Anton Meier, Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany

Greece (0)
Ms. Vassiliki Tafili, International Relations Office, Greek Commission of Atomic Energy

Haiti (0)
Mr. Azad Pierre Nasser Belfort, Ministère des affaires étrangères et des cultes

Hungary (0)
Mr. Sándor Élõ, Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA)

Iceland (0)
Ms. Ingibj÷rg DavÝðsdóttir, Permanent Mission of Iceland

Republic of India (0)
Mr. S.A.H. Ashraf, Permanent Mission of the Republic of India

Indonesia (0)
Head, Ministry of Women´s Empowerment, Ministry of Women Empowerment

Republic of Iraq (0)
H.E. Ms Shirin Aqrawi and Ms. Alia Sarsam, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq

Ireland (0)
Mr. Conleth Brady, Permanent Mission of Ireland

Israel (6)
Ms. Malka Gilady, Permanent Mission of Israel

Italy (0)

Japan (12)
Ms Ayumi Homma, Permanent Mission of Japan

Jordan (0)
Ms. Tharwa Naimat, Permanent Mission of Jordan

Republic of Kazakhstan (0)
Mr. Yerden Nurgaliyev, Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan

Kenya (0)
Ms Margaret W. Maimba, National Council for Science and Technology
Dr. Asif Salahuddin, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kenya

Korea, Rep. of (0)
Mr. Byung-Ryong Moon, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea

Libya (0)
Ms. Rowaida Tawfiq Ebrish, Third Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Organizations Department, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Lithuania (0)
Ms. Skirmante Semaškaite, Nuclear Energy Division, Ministry of Economy
Ms. Birute Teskeviciene, Department of Nuclear Energy and Radioactive Waste Management, Ministry of Economy
Mr. David Radziunaite, Permanent Mission of Lithuania

Luxembourg (0)
Mr. Francois Berg, Permanent Mission of Luxembourg

Mexico (0)
Mr. Sergio Ajuria Garza, Permanent Mission of Mexico

Morocco (0)
Ms. Samira El Abdaoui, Permanent Mission of Morocco

Union of Myanmar (0)
Ms. Khin Moe Htoo, Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar

Kingdom of the Netherlands (0)
Ms.Marjolijn van Deelen/a>, Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

New Zealand (0)
Mr. Neal Bedford, Permanent Mission of New Zealand

Nigeria (3)
Ms. Maria Oyeyinka Laose, Permanent Mission of Nigeria

Kingdom of Norway (10)
Ms. Silja Skjelnes, Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Norway

Pakistan (0)
Mr. Muhammad Munim Awais, Embassy of Pakistan to Austria
Dr. Asif Salahuddin, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

Paraguay (0)
Ms. Lilian Marcela Afara Corrales, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Paraguay

Poland (100)

Romania (6)
Ms. Iuliana Cormos, President´s Office, Romanian Nuclear Agency

Slovakia (0)
Ms. Alena Äáková, Department of Structural Programmes of the Ministry of Economy

Republic of South Africa (0)
Ms. Poppy Ravhura, Permanent Mission of the Republic of South Africa

Spain (1)
Mr. Miguel Alonso Berrio, Permanent Mission of Spain

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (0)
Mr. Satya Rodrigo, Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka

Sweden (26)
Head, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thailand (0)
Mr. Vongthep Arthakaivalvatee, Permanent Mission of Thailand
Ms. Jindarom Chvajarernpun, Bureau of Atomic Energy Administration, Office of Atoms for Peace of Thailand

Republic of Turkey (0)
Ms. Sema Ünver, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
Ms. Belgin Ergunes, Permanent Mission of Turkey

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (0)
Ms. Amy Leyland, Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United States of America(6)
Mr. Andrew Ellis, Permanent Mission of the United States of America

Yemen (0)
Mr. Mohammed Nasser Bin Nasser Alarwy, Permanent Mission of Yemen

Zambia (0)
Mr. Chitaku Greenford Mucheleng´anga, National Institute for Scientific & Industrial Research

Republic of Zimbabwe (0)
Ms. Julia Kudamusi Marangwanda, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zimbabwe

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