Resources for Women: Newsletters

Daphnet: Mailing List for and About Women in Science, Engineering and Technology


A mailing list for and about women in science, engineering and technology, including women returning to paid work after a career break. More »

Association for Women in Science and Engineering (AWISE)


December 2008 | AWISE aims to help retain and enhance the participation of women in science, engineering and technology in industry and academia. (Newsletter, Vol. 11). More »

Women in the Division of Nuclear Power

NP Newsletter, Vol. 5/3

September 2008 | Sama, Xiaoping, Bitsit, Kerstin and Anne share their working experience in the nuclear field.
(Newsletter, Vol. 5/3). More »

Women in Action at IAEA


Spring 2007 | Women at the IAEA share their working experience. (Echo, Vol. 233). More »