IAEA Focal Point for Gender Concerns

Duties & Responsibilities

The institution of the Focal Point for Gender Concerns was first established in 1996. The Focal Point is responsible for promoting a supportive work environment and fostering the necessary changes in attitudes that lead to a climate conducive to the equal participation of men and women in the Agency. He/she monitors the progress made in the representation of women in Secretariat’s staff, as well as the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action within the Agency. The Focal Point for Gender Concerns is also responsible for addressing specific gender-related concerns raised by men and women, and for recommending policy changes where appropriate.

The Focal Point fulfils these tasks in close collaboration with the Alternate Focal Point for Gender Concerns and the Division of Human Resources.

Focal Points for Gender Concerns

  • December 2008 - Present: Ms. Catherine Monzel, Head of the Recruitment and Staff Development Section, Division of Human Resources.
  • January 2003 - November 2008: Ms. Anita Nilsson, Head of the Office of Nuclear Security, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.
  • November 1996 - December 2002: Ms. Annick Carnino, Director of the Division of Nuclear Installation Safety, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.
  • April 1996 - October 1996: Ms. Joyce Amenta, Director of Scientific and Technical Information Division, Department of Nuclear Energy.