Women Working in the Nuclear Field

IAEA First Ladies

Mary Jeffreys

Mary Jeffreys

Mary Jeffreys was the first female appointed at the Professional level in the entire United Nations System, and the first woman to work at the highest Professional level (P5) at the IAEA.

Ms. Jeffreys joined the newly created United Nations in September 1945, having worked as a Civil Assistant in the War Office in London. She was posted to UN Headquarters in New York where she worked in close collaboration with the UN Secretary-General.

Mary Jeffreys came to the IAEA in 1958 as First Officer in the then Division of External Liaison. In 1962 she was appointed as Senior Officer in the IAEA, becoming the first female staff member to hold the high-ranking P5 post - a post with diplomatic status. In 1964, she was assigned for several months as "Acting Representative" of the Director General of the IAEA at the UN Headquarters, New York. From 1967, she acted as Chief Liaison Officer in the Office of External Relations.

Ms. Jeffreys passed away in 1975 during active service with the IAEA and is remembered as a female pioneer who provided invaluable and dedicated service to the United Nations and to the IAEA.

Annick Carnino
Former Director, Division of Nuclear Installations, Department of Nuclear Safety

Annick Carnino

Another trend-setting Agency woman was Ms. Annick Carnino, who was appointed by the Director General as the IAEA´s Focal Point for Gender Concerns and served in this office from 1996 to 2002 (succeeded by Ms. Anita Nilsson). During this time Ms. Carnino held the post of Director of the Division of Nuclear Installations in the Department of Nuclear Safety.

Ms. Carnino spent her entire career in the nuclear industry, ending with her retirement from the IAEA in December 2002. Her work experience made her especially sensitive to the difficulties which women professionals face in the nuclear industry. As a result she constantly sought new ways in which to encourage more women to study nuclear sciences and to attract more female scientists into the nuclear field. A website for IAEA women was Ms. Carnino´s idea.

Ms. Carnino also served as President of WIN Global, a world-wide association of women working professionally in the fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications. She held the post for four years, working to support the networking of women in nuclear sciences across the world, and to establish a continuing link between the Agency and WIN. Annick Carnino has left a lasting legacy at the IAEA in promoting gender equality and women´s empowerment.

Anita Nilsson
Former Director, Office of Nuclear Security, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security

Anita Nilsson

As head of the IAEA Office of Nuclear Security, Ms. Nilsson was responsible for coordinating and implementing the IAEA´s Nuclear Security Plan to prevent, detect and respond to acts of nuclear terrorism and threats thereof. The Office organizes a number of evaluation and advisory services, training courses and workshops and convenes meetings with Member States´ experts for the purpose of improving the methodology used and the nuclear security framework. It liaises with other international organizations and Member States to enhance cooperation and the outreach of nuclear security information.

A Medical Doctor with a Master of Sciences in Mathematics and Physics, Ms. Nilsson worked in various managerial and leadership positions at the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate before joining the IAEA, dealing with non-proliferation, international and national safeguards, bilateral nuclear supply and cooperation. She was in charge of the Swedish nuclear security support to the Newly Independent States and the Baltic States.

Ms. Nilsson previously served as the IAEA Focal Point for Gender Concerns from January 2003 to December 2008 (succeeded by Ms. Catherine Monzel). She was awarded the World Nuclear Association´s Women of Achievement in Nuclear Science and Technology Award in September 2005.

Catherine Monzel
Head, Recruitment and Staff Development Section, Division of Human Resources

Catherine Monzel

Catherine Monzel was appointed Focal Point for Gender Concerns in December 2008, having served as Alternate for the previous three years. As the Focal Point, Ms. Monzel monitors the progress made in the representation of women in the Secretariat´s staff as well as the implementation of the IAEA´s gender equality policy. She addresses specific gender-related concerns and recommends policy changes where appropriate. She also represents the Secretariat at gender-related meetings and events.

As head of the Recruitment and Staff Development Section in the IAEA´s Division of Human Resources, Ms. Monzel leads a group in charge of a human resources management system ranging from recruitment to outreach activities aimed at attracting candidates of the highest standards, with an emphasis on professional women. Her staff development group provides a variety of in-house training programmes, professional development and skill enhancement opportunities. She has also actively collaborated in the development of work/life balance policies.

A graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (BSc) with an MA in Foreign Relations (George Washington University), Ms. Monzel worked for several years in the US Department of Energy, where she held a number of key administrative and staff posts. Prior to her current position, she headed the IAEA´s Office of Management Services (internal management consultants).

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