Statements & Reports

Statements & Reports

IAEA Reports to the UN Security Council

Since mandated Iraq inspections began in 1991, the IAEA has submitted numerous reports and statements to the Security Council, as well as reports to the IAEA General Conference of Member States. The documents are grouped and listed here.

Between 1991 and 1996, the IAEA submitted two sets of semi-annual reports to the UNSC. Except for the first report, which covered the first and second numbered IAEA inspections, and the nineteenth report, which covered the twentieth and twenty-first numbered IAEA inspections, each report covers a single inspection.

For an initial view of the Agency´s activities in Iraq, the reader should focus on the October 1997 report S/1997/779 which includes a comprehensive summary of the IAEA´s activities and achievements in Iraq between April 1991 and October 1997. Reports S/1999/127 and S/1998/927 indicate the level of understanding reached by the Agency prior to the suspension of its resolution-related activities in Iraq.

Report S/2003/422 provides the status of the Agency´s verification activities after its November 2002 - March 2003 inspection campaign. Other reports give additional details on inspection, destruction and monitoring activities during the periods they cover.


Agency Reports and Correspondence

  • S/2004/831 Letter dated 25 October 2004 to the President of the Security Council concerning the declaration of Annex 3 related materials
  • S/2004/538 Letter dated 6 July 2004 to the President of the Security Council with regard to the removal of uranium and sources from Iraq.
  • S/2003/771 Letter dated 16 July 2003 to the President of the Security Council concerning the 2003 Physical Inventory Verification
  • S/2003/95 Letter dated 27 Jan 2003 to the President of the Security Council in reference to UNSCR 1441
  • S/2001/129 Letter dated 12 Feb 2001 to UNSC after Physical Inventory Verification (PIV) 2001
  • S/2001/26 Letter dated 22 Dec 2000 to UNSC announcing PIV 2001
  • S/2000/120 Letter dated 10 Dec 1999 to UNSC announcing PIV 2000
  • S/1999/127 Report of the Director General of IAEA in connection with the panel on disarmament and current and future ongoing monitoring and verification issues, (9 Feb 1999)
  • S/1998/694 Interim status report of the Director General of IAEA in response to the presidential statement on Iraq of 14 May 1998, (27 Jul 1998)
  • S/1998/38 Report on IAEA Technical Team visit to Iraq, 19 To 21 December 1997

Inspector's cars in Iraq

Consolidated reports to the Security Council
(under paragraph 16 of Security Council Resolution 1051/1996)

Meeting with DG ElBaradei

Reports to the Security Council on the plan
for future On-going Monitoring and Verification in Iraq
(under paragraph 12 of UNSCR 687/1991)

Destruction & removal

Reports to the Security Council on the implementation by the IAEA of the plan for the destruction, removal and rendering of harmless of items
(listed in paragraph 12 on UNSCR 687/1991)

INVO Inspectors in Iraq

IAEA Reports on On-Site Inspections in Iraq
(under UNSCR 687/1991)