Iraq Nuclear Verification Office (INVO)

ARCHIVES: The web pages on INVO are for historical and reference purposes. They are no longer being updated. On 29 June 2007, the United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 1762, which inter alia, terminated the mandates of the IAEA in Iraq and UNMOVIC under relevant resolutions. IAEA safeguards in Iraq will therefore continue to be implemented in Iraq under its NPT obligations. As the security situation permits, the Agency will work with Iraq to provide assurance that all nuclear material has been accounted for and that all nuclear activity is for peaceful purposes.

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IAEA´s Mandate

The IAEA has disbanded its Iraq Nuclear Verification Office (INVO), which was established in the 1990s to carry out inspections under the mandate of the UN Security Council. The mandate in Iraq remains in effect - Security Council resolution 1546 (2004), inter alia, reaffirmed the Council´s intention to revisit the IAEA mandate in Iraq.

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Status of Inspection Activities in Iraq

The IAEA remains prepared to resume its field and related activities in Iraq, pending guidance from the Security Council, which has stated its intention to revisit the mandate. Field inspections ceased in March 2003, and INVO since has focused activities on information analysis, identifying and benefitting from lessons learned, and planning for future monitoring and verification in Iraq. Periodic reports are filed with the Security Council.

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Mission & Role

The IAEA´s inspection and verification work in Iraq has addressed activities from the mine to the weapon. Inspectors led the discovery and dismantlement of Iraq’s secret nuclear weapons programme in the 1990s. In the round of inspections ending in March 2003, IAEA inspectors found no evidence that the nuclear programme had been revived during the forced absence of INVO from 1998 until 2002.

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IAEA Safeguards in Iraq

The IAEA continues to implement safeguards in Iraq under an agreement pursuant to the global Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). INVO works closely with the IAEA´s Department of Safeguards in carrying out inspection and verification activities in Iraq. Read more about Safeguards.

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