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Planning & Economic Studies Section (PESS):
Capacity Building for Sustainable Energy Development

Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs)

PESS currently has three actively on-going CRPs and one new CRP which is currently open for proposals, as described below. In relation with the new CRP, please kindly visit Coordinated Research Activities for more information and for downloading and submitting a proposal application form.

CRP on Assessing the National and Regional Economic and Social Effects of Nuclear Programmes

This CRP is currently open for proposals and interested Member State institutions are kindly asked to submit their proposals now. Participants in this CRP will review, test and apply prototype methodologies (quantitative models) to analyse economic and social impacts of nuclear programmes at the national and regional level. These methods assist policy makers in analysing key implications from nuclear projects. The IAEA has already initiated preparatory work on developing a set of analytical tools and frameworks for assessing the social and economic impacts of nuclear programmes. CRP participants will share their experiences in using IAEA tools for quantitative macroeconomic analysis of nuclear projects or their own existing models or tools, but Member States (MSs) with limited experience (“newcomers”) are also expected to benefit from this CRP. The CRP will seek innovative ways of quantitative impact analysis by coordinating research efforts in MSs and supportive in-house activities.

CRP on Assessing Interdependencies between Energy, Water, Land-use and Climate Change

The main objective of the CRP is to assess interdependencies and interactions among climate, land-use, energy, water (CLEW). The aim is to support coherent policies for the development and management of these resources, and to develop an integrated assessment framework for evaluation of alternative strategies. In pursuit of these objectives, 10 active country projects are underway including 3 agreements and 7 research contracts. Two RCMs have been held and most CRP participants have also taken part in other CLEW related activities.

CRP on Financing Nuclear Investments

The objective of the CRP is to draw on the experience of those Member States which have successfully financed an NPP and those who are in the process of attempting to do so, in order to help ‘newcomers’ and others to understand financing processes, costs and structures. The relative importance of different types of risk (e.g. construction risk, market risk) in determining financing costs is being addressed, as well as different models for allocating risk between stakeholders in nuclear projects. 12 active country projects are underway including 2 agreements and 10 research contracts. One Research Coordination Meeting has been held and the Second RCM will be held early in 2015.

CRP on Techno-economic Evaluation of Options for Adapting Nuclear and other Energy Infrastructure to Long-term Climate Change and Extreme Weather

The Planning and Economic Studies Section (PESS) at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) initiated a Coordinated Research Project (CRP) in which participants identify the risks from climate change and extreme weather events facing nuclear energy and other types of energy infrastructure in their respective countries in a comparative assessment. The CRP research objectives are 1) to foster Member States’ capacity in evaluating the climate-related risks facing nuclear power and other energy infrastructure in a comparative assessment, 2) to develop, test and improve an analytical framework for identifying and assessing risks from climate change and extreme weather events; 3) to provide a forum in which Member States can share information about how to respond to these risks, 4) to help Member States develop economically viable risk-based options for adaptation, and 5) to prepare a state-of-the-art in-depth catalogue of risks and options relevant to the regions and energy systems represented by CRP participants. 10 active country projects under research contracts are underway and two Research Coordination Meetings have been held.