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Planning & Economic Studies Section (PESS):
Capacity Building for Sustainable Energy Development

Capacity Building

Bui Workshop


TC Projects are the main mechanism for IAEA assistance to Member States. They are implemented, upon the request of a Member State government, through the Agency's Technical Co-operation (TC) programme. Each project must address a high priority development issue and should produce tangible positive impacts. Although each TC project in the area of sustainable energy development is tailored to a country's specific needs, typical projects include assessments of future energy and electricity needs, technical, economic and environmental evaluations of all energy supply options, and the formulation of medium- to long-term energy strategies. Projects build local capabilities by transferring the IAEA's models and databases and by extensive training and guidance in national planning studies.


The purpose of CRPs is to promote research to acquire new knowledge, experience, data and information related to approved technical programmes of the Agency. Each CRP includes participating research institutions from a number of Member States, who conduct research with support from the Agency. They share immediate results among themselves, and the Agency arranges subsequent wider dissemination. CRPs implemented by PESS focus on new or improved methods for (1) analysing nuclear power's economic and environmental effectiveness compared to other technologies, (2) analysing sustainable energy development and climate change, and, (3) updating and expanding the key databases necessary for such specific needs.


PESS regularly arranges Regional and National Workshops and Training Courses on the IAEA's energy models. These include topical and specialized lectures, group discussions and work sessions. Each Workshop or Training Course focuses on one model and is designed to provide an understanding of the methodology and to train participants to collect and compile input data, operate the model, interpret its results and synthesize policy recommendations.

For further information on TC projects, CRPs and Workshops & Training Courses, or to apply for assistance in your country, please contact:

Mr Ahmed Irej Jalal
Unit Head, Planning and Capacity Building Unit
Planning and Economic Studies Section
Department of Nuclear Energy
International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna International Centre, PO Box 100
1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 1 2600 22780
Fax: +43 1 26007 22778
Email: PESS.Contact-Point@iaea.org