Waste Technology Section

International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee (WATEC)


The International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee (WATEC) is a working group of senior international experts in radioactive waste management, decommissioning and environmental remediation, with particular emphasis on strategies, implementation, technologies and methodologies.

WATEC advises the Secretariat on programme activities and directions related to radioactive waste management and decommissioning strategies and implementation for radioactive waste from all past and present sources and activities. WATEC also provides a forum for information and knowledge sharing on national and international programmes development in these areas.

WATEC Members come from various types of organizations having responsibilities for different aspects of radioactive waste management: waste management authorities, waste generators, research institutes, regulatory bodies, government ministries and waste disposal organizations. It is geographically diverse and contains members from countries having a range of uses of nuclear and radioactive materials for electricity generation and nuclear applications. Its members have expertise in management of wastes from their arising through disposal, including management of wastes arising from decommissioning of nuclear facilities and management of disused sealed radioactive sources.

To facilitate international coordination, representatives of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the European Commission are invited to attend WATEC meetings as observers.