Waste Technology Section

Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste

Objective: To provide information and guidance on safe predisposal management of radioactive waste based on cost-effective technological solutions and good practices for characterization, pre-treatment, treatment, conditioning and storage, to promote waste minimization, and to support research and development on new technologies for processing of radioactive waste (including DSRS) of different activity level and physical state.

Responsible Officer : Zoran DRACE

Rationale: Radioactive waste is generated from the operation of different nuclear fuel cycle facilities including nuclear power reactors and the use of radioisotopes in nuclear applications including research, medicine, industry and agriculture. Considerable experience has been gained in the pre-disposal management of all types of radioactive waste. The aim of this project is to foster exchange of scientific and technical information and provide guidance to Member States based on their needs. The assistance covers a wide range of topics, including policy and strategy, inventory assessment, technologies and approaches for waste minimization, selection of technical options for waste processing and storage, improvement in operating practices at nuclear facilities, optimization of waste management capacity, etc and is delivered through the publication of technical guidance documents, peer reviews, training workshops, Technical Cooperation projects and expert missions.

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