Waste Technology Section

Near Surface Waste Disposal

Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste


To increase the capability of Member States in planning and implementing safe and cost-effective technologies and approaches for the near surface disposal of radioactive waste arising from a variety of sources, to assure safe operation of existing disposal facilities and to provide competent and up-to-date advice and assistance in different aspects of disposal technology.

The responsible officer: Lumir NACHMILNER.


Near surface disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste is an option being practiced in many countries for several decades. There is a growing need in various Member States for additional information in all aspects of this disposal option, regarding both existing and planned disposal facilities. To address these needs, guidance is provided in a number of aspects of their development, operation, and closure. A broad spectrum of non-technical issues, such as societal, institutional, local and national infrastructure, public policy and acceptance, cost considerations and funding mechanisms, and quality assurance, are sorted and made available to interested countries as well.

Major Activities:

Safe management of low and intermediate waste requires clear definition of their final destination. With respect to the selected option, adequate technologies need to be developed and applied. The development of a disposal facility itself is rather complex and multi-disciplinary process involving both technical and non-technical approaches. Their whole spectrum is addressed by current activities in this area, which include the following topics:

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