CRP on Behaviors of Cementitous Materials in Long Term Storage and Disposal


The CRP will investigate the behaviours and performance of cementitious materials used for an overall waste conditioning system based on use of cement, [including waste packaging (containers), waste immobilisation (waste form) and waste backfilling, as well as, interaction and interdependencies of these individual elements (containers-waste form-backfill)], during long term storage and disposal, and understand the processes that may result in the degradation of their physical and chemical properties.

The purposes of these elements in a waste management system are very different, and thus the requirements for long term performance and degradation methods/consequences are very different as well. However all these elements are important as well as interactions envisaged between them to ultimately ensure the overall safety of a storage/disposal system.

Specific Research Objectives

The specific research objectives of this CRP are to encourage and to coordinate R&D work on behaviours and performance of cementitious materials during long term storage and disposal, to facilitate exchange of information and technological experiences on new developments in the area, to identify innovative technologies to be applied for conformity with modern safety and economic requirements.

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