Waste Technology Section

Networks of Centres of Excellence



In response to growing demand from Member States for assistance in different aspects of radioactive waste management, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and site remediation, Networks have been established to increase efficiency in sharing international experience in these thematic areas. These Networks are intended to bring together managers, planners, and implementers of nuclear technologies who wish to improve international practices and approaches in their area.

The thematic areas and corresponding Networks are:


  1. To coordinate support to organizations or Member States with less advanced programmes, by making available the relevant skills, knowledge, managerial approaches and expertise from Member States with operational experience in the field of interest;
  2. To organise training and demonstration activities with a regional or thematic focus providing hands-on, user-oriented experience and disseminating proven technologies;
  3. To facilitate sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience amongst organizations with advanced programmes, formulation and spreading of proven practices, identifying and treating improper past practices and assuring the long term knowledge management;
  4. To create a forum in which expert advice and technical guidance may be provided on the Agency's programme in particular areas; and
  5. To provide feedback to the Agency on the implementation of these programmes.


Each Network is open to any Member State organization with responsibilities and interests in a relevant thematic area. The IAEA acts as the facilitator and provides secretariat services to the Networks and organises Network events, such as seminars and training.

Contributing or participating organisations may take the position of either a Partner or a Participant, as follows:

Network Partner: An organization that has demonstrated experience in its area of expertise, a record of excellence in a wide range of technological innovation and/or implementation, and has facilities suitable for demonstration and/or training and a willingness to share their experience through the Network.

Network Participant: An organization that has responsibility for a thematic area (ie., radioactive waste treatment, decommissioning, etc.) and is actively engaged in its planning and development, and who is willing to participate in the activities of the Network.

The IAEA acts as the facilitator to identify and bring together both Partners and Participants and helps to organize meetings, demonstrations, and training opportunities.