Waste Technology Section

International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET)

The safe management and disposal of radioactive waste is, in part, reliant upon the accurate and quality assured characterization by non-destructive and destructive methods, and determination of the radionuclide inventory. Relevant procedures, standards and laboratory practices have been developed and refined over the years in expert laboratories in those member states with mature nuclear operating facilities and laboratories.

However, a number of Member States with less developed programmes do not have such facilities and laboratories. For these countries, achieving satisfactory characterization programmes is a complex technical challenge requiring both intellectual and financial resources.

Responsible Officer: Antonio MORALES


The Network is being established to increase efficiency in sharing international experience in the application of proven, quality assured practices for the characterization of low and intermediate level radioactive waste and waste packages and to accelerate risk reduction and cleanup of the environmental legacy. In particular the IAEA intends to:


In line with accepted and recommended policies, strategies and methodologies, LABONET aims to disseminate and continue to develop expertise in radioactive waste and waste package characterization. It aims to stimulate best practice and share lessons learned. Being an interactive network it aims at the timely sharing of such expertise. Typical activities will include:


LABONET is opened to any Member State organizations with responsibilities and interests as noted above. The organization may have statute of a Member or a Participant specified as follows:

Partners (Facilitators/donors): Laboratories and facilities that have a demonstrated mature expertise in low and intermediate level waste characterization, facilities suitable for demonstration and/or training and a willingness to share their experience through LABONET, will be identified as LABONET Partners and recognized by the Agency as Centres of Excellence in radioactive waste characterization.

Participants: Laboratories and facilities that have responsibility for the characterization of low and intermediate level waste and waste packages, are actively engaged in planning or implementation of radioactive waste support laboratories, and who are willing to participate in the activities of LABONET will be identified as LABONET Participants.

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