Waste Technology Section

International Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET)

Following the growing demand from Member States for assistance in disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste, a network has been established to increase efficiency in sharing international experience in the area. DISPONET is intended to bring together those planners, developers and operators of disposal facilities who wish to steadily improve international practices and approaches in managing low and intermediate level waste.

Responsible Officer: Lumir NACHMILNER

Waste disposal in Morsleben, Germany (Credit DBE) VLLW repository El Cabril, Spain (Credit ENRESA)
Waste disposal in Morsleben, Germany
(Credit DBE)
VLLW repository El Cabril, Spain
(Credit ENRESA)


The programme of DISPONET activities was formulated in consultation with advanced repository operators at two meetings held in 2008 and is regularly updated. Topics considered cover the full scope of disposal issues and respect different national approaches, in particular:

Details of all DISPONET events will be updated on this website in due time..

IAEA seminar participants at Puspokszilágy, Hungary
IAEA seminar participants at Puspokszilágy, Hungary


DISPONET is opened to any Member State organizations with responsibilities and interests as noted above. The organization may have statute of a Partner or a Participant specified as follows:

DISPONET Partners (facilitators): Organizations that have possessed a sound experience in low level waste disposal and a record of excellence in a wide range of areas operate facilities suitable for demonstration and/or training and demonstrated willingness to share their experience through DISPONET.

DISPONET Participants: Organizations that have responsibility for the disposal of low level waste are actively engaged in planning or implementation of LLW disposal facilities, and who are eager to participate in the activities.

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