Research Reactor Section

Utilization & Applications:


Research reactors have played and continue to play a key role in the development of the peaceful uses of atomic energy. Their contribution to the education and training of scientists and engineers for the whole nuclear community is well documented.

This task is formulated to cover the broad range of possible applications and to promote the continued development of scientific research and technological development using research reactors.

Existing research reactors, especially in developing countries, which are often under-utilized, should be supported on an individual level (e.g. radioisotope production, beam line applications, nuclear transmutation doping (NTD) and analytical services) as well as in regional or collaborative efforts in education and training, fostering information. The sharing of resources will increase the utilization on one hand and on the other hand pave the way for the decommissioning of under-utilized ageing reactors, without depleting knowledge base and human resources.


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Responsible Division(s):Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences of Department Nuclear Applications