Research Reactor Section

Technical Working Group on Research Reactors (TWGRR)


All aspects of research reactor utilization, operation optimization, and fuel cycle are being considered with increasing attention by the Agency, due to the growing interest in this subject expressed by Member States. In line with this, the Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (SAGNE) endorsed recent recommendations of the research reactor community, that a Technical Working Group be created in order to promote the efficient use of research reactors, critical and sub-critical assemblies, or facilities of a similar nature, and to look at the projected needs for research reactors on a global and regional basis with a long-term time horizon.

The Technical Working Group on Research Reactors (TWGRR) is a group of senior international experts with recognized experience in the areas of research reactor operation, utilization, maintenance, refurbishment, modernization, fuel (fresh and spent) management, nuclear fuel cycle, quality assurance and new designs, with particular emphasis on strategies, implementation, technologies and methodologies.

TWGRR advises the secretariat and provides support for programme implementation, reflecting a global network of excellence and expertise in the area of research reactors. TWGRR also provides a forum for information and knowledge sharing on national and international programmes development in all the above mentioned research reactor areas.

TWGRR Members come from various types of organizations having responsibilities for different aspects of research reactors activities. It is geographically diverse and contains members from countries having a range of different types of research reactors and associated facilities.