Research Reactor Section

Mission Statement:

  1. High Enriched Uranium fuel to Low Enriched Uranium fuel core conversions
  2. Spent fuel return programmes and projects
  3. Fresh High Enriched Uranium fuel return programmes
  4. Spent fuel storage and transport projects
  1. Use of Low Enriched Uranium for production of radiopharmaceuticals
  2. Modernization and refurbishment
  3. Support if advanced nuclear technology development
  4. Operation and maintenance
  5. Effective utilization
  6. Ageing management
  7. Spent fuel management
  8. Decommissioning planning and management


  1. Technical cooperation
  2. Organizing technical meetings
  3. Coordination of Agency wide research reactor cross-cutting issues and thematic planning
  4. Maintaining databases on research reactor fuels and fuel cycle issues
  5. Preparation of state-of-the art technical documents