Research Reactor Section

Responsible Officer: E. BRADLEY

Research Reactor Database (RRDB):

The Research Reactor Database is in fact the combination of two individual databases that existed as standalone, separate entities prior to 2005. The first is unrestricted and available to anyone with access to the internet. It contains technical and utilization information to assist potential users.

The second is secure and includes a variety of potentially sensitive information related to the research reactor fuel cycle. However fuel summary reports are available via the link above.

Both databases are populated and updated by officially nominated facility data providers (FDPs) within individual Member States.

Finally, an innovative report generator is available for unique / cross-cutting views of operational research reactors based on RRDB data. This generator takes data from a static data dump from the RRDB. Any information should be validated in the live version of the RRDB linked above.

Research Reactor Ageing Database

More than half of all operating research reactor are now over 40 years old. The IAEA is assisting interested Member States share information and experiences specific to the management of technical issues related to ageing as well as the development and implementation of comprehensive ageing management programmes. A database has been developed to permit the collection and sharing of this information. The research reactor ageing database includes operating experience summaries for various ageing related challenges and programmatic approaches to ageing management. The information is searchable by research reactor system and ageing mechanism. Contact details for responsible facility managers are included in each summary to permit users to obtain additional details directly. (Click here to Access Database). It is protected by a user ID and password which can be obtained from the responsible officer. Submissions of additional detail are encouraged and may be forwarded using the below MS Word template.