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Uranium Production Cycle

The IAEA Uranium Production Site Appraisal Team (UPSAT) programme

Responsible Officer: J. SLEZAK

The IAEA Uranium Production Site Appraisal Team (UPSAT) programme is designed to assist Member States to improve the operational and safety performance of uranium production facilities through all phases of the uranium production cycle.

An UPSAT mission is a peer review of one or more phases of a uranium production operation by a team of selected international experts having direct experience in the technical areas specific to that operation. Judgements of the performance are made on the basis of the collective expertise of the review team. The review is a technical exchange of experience and work practices aimed at strengthening the programmes and procedures and their implementation at the subject facility. The principal objective of the UPSAT programme is the identification of areas that may require improvement and the formulation of recommendations for introduction of improved practices.