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Uranium Production Cycle

Technical Meeting on Uranium Production Network for Education and Training (UPNET)

22-24 November 2010
IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria


The IAEA’s programme on ‘Uranium Resources and Production and Databases for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle’ encompass all aspects of uranium geology and deposits, exploration, resources, supply and demand, uranium mining and processing and environmental issues for the Uranium Production Cycle, (UPC) and databases for uranium fuel cycle. New and expanded uranium mining for yellowcake delivery to 2030 will see operations starting, with lower grade resources, in countries that have existing or past mining sites, and others that are new to uranium extraction and yellowcake production. After 25 years of UPC stagnation an important consideration is the education and training of the new generation of UPC industry professionals to replace an aging, experienced workforce.

Emerging projects and mines will arise in countries with limited skills and experience, and each site will need qualified and competent personnel for operations and regulation. Constraints are expected to arise in the number and capacity development of staff, given that currently there is such a limited number of suitably experienced practitioners available who can teach, train and consult. An expectation arises that UPC operations can simply purchase professional personnel from other resource industries, which is unlikely in developing countries. Even primary industries in developed countries are facing skills shortages related to experienced personnel; this applies to both the regulation and operation of mines. The availability of sufficient numbers of formally educated, trained and experienced personnel can help avoid the creation of new environmental legacies upon cessation of production, that have characterized many former mining projects

UPNET has been established to increase efficiency and effectiveness of sharing international experience in proven, good practice for new or expanding uranium projects and operations. UPNET international users, and prospective partners and participants, can interact and discuss, transfer and share good regulatory and work practices in uranium production. Through this Technical Meeting, and by linking into UPNET, the delegates will be able to discuss available options for delivering and receiving UPC training and education. The Technical Meeting will further enable the following actions and opportunities.

The meeting will be conducted under the theme of UPNET in the context of organization linkages, inter-personal network and a web-based communication medium. The Technical Meeting is intended to bring together practitioners, trainers, educators, and university representatives to present and discuss approaches and current issues related to skills transfer and capacity development in regulation and operation across the Uranium Production Cycle.


In addition to a range of presentations by invited speakers, delegate contributions, as audio-visual slide presentations, are invited on the following topics:


Scientific Secretary:
Mr Peter Waggitt
Uranium Production Specialist
Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology
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Meeting Coordinator:
Ms Vesna Tarsousi
Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology
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