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Post Irradiation Examination Facilities (PIE) Facilities

Responsible Officer: Victor INOZEMTSEV

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The IAEA initiated the issue of a Catalogue of Post Irradiation Examination Facilities (PIE) within the framework of a Co-ordinated Research Programme (CRP) in 1992. Within this CRP, a catalogue was assembled which lists laboratories worldwide which are prepared to perform contractual PIE within hot cells on water reactor fuels and core components.

The Catalogue of PIE facilities includes of a complete survey of the main characteristics of the hot cells and their PIE capabilities. It is expected that the catalogue provides IAEA Member States with a useful summary of the PIE facilities which will allow potential customers to select the most appropriate laboratories.

In 2007-08, following an agreement with the international Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling Working Group, the IAEA PIE Database integrated the HOTLAB PIE Catalogue, including transport casks information. The merged data is available at the Integrated Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information Systems (iNFCIS) website located at and jointly managed by the IAEA and Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling Working Group, representing the only publicly accessible world-wide source of the subject information.

Last updated: 11 November 2010