Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

NEFW Publications, 2005

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Title IAEA Symbol PDF
Dismantling of Contaminated Stacks at Nuclear Facilities IAEA-TRS-440
Disposal Options for Disused Radioactive Sources IAEA-TRS-436
Implications of Partitioning and Transmutation in Radioactive Waste Management IAEA-TRS-435
Methods for Maintaining a Record of Waste Packages during Waste Processing and Storage IAEA-TRS-434
Upgrading of Near Surface Repositories for Radioactive Waste IAEA-TRS-433
Application of Membrane Technologies for Liquid Radioactive Waste Processing IAEA-TRS-431
Country Nuclear Fuel Cycle Profiles - Second Edition IAEA-TRS-425
Technical, Economic and Institutional Aspects of Regional Spent Fuel Storage Facilities IAEA/TECDOC-1482
Anthropogenic Analogues for Geological Disposal of High Level and Long Lived Waste IAEA/TECDOC-1481
Selection of Decommissioning Strategies: Issues and Factors IAEA/TECDOC-1478
Financial Aspects of Decommissioning IAEA/TECDOC-1476
Status and Trends in Spent Fuel Reprocessing IAEA/TECDOC-1467
Recent Developments in Uranium Exploration, Production and Environmental Issues IAEA/TECDOC-1463
Structural Behaviour of Fuel Assemblies for Water Cooled Reactors IAEA/TECDOC-1454
Management of High Enriched Uranium for Peaceful Purposes: Status and Trends IAEA/TECDOC-1452
Thorium Fuel Cycle - Potential Benefits and Challenges IAEA/TECDOC-1450
Remote Technology Applications in Spent Fuel Management IAEA/TECDOC-1433
Developments in Uranium Resources, Production, Demand and the Environment IAEA/TECDOC-1425
Guidebook on environmental impact assessment for in situ leach (ISL) mining projects IAEA/TECDOC-1428
Radioactive Waste Management Status and Trends - Issue #4 IAEA/WMDB/ST/4
Radioactive Waste Management Profiles No. 7 IAEA/WMDB/7

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