Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

NEFW Publications, 2002

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Title IAEA Symbol PDF
Uranium 2001: Resources, Production and Demand, 19th edition joint OECD/IAEA N/A
Radioactive Waste Management Profiles, A Compilation of Data from the Net Enabled Waste Management Database (NEWMDB) No 4. N/A
In situ leach uranium mining, proceedings of a TCM held in Almaty, KAZ, 9 to 12 September 1996 N/A N/A
Advanced post-irradiation examination techniques for water reactor fuel TECDOC-1277 and 1277/CD
Non-technical factors impacting on the decision making processes in environmental remediation TECDOC-1279
Decommissioning techniques for research reactors TECDOC-1273
The uranium production cycle and the environment IAEA-CSP-10/P
Factors determining the long term back end nuclear fuel cycle strategy and future nuclear systems TECDOC-1286
Technologies for the treatment of effluents from uranium mines, mills and tailings TECDOC-1296
Long term storage of spent nuclear fuel - survey and recommendations TECDOC-1293
High-temperature on-line monitoring of water chemistry and corrosion control in water cooled power reactors TECDOC-1303
Environmental aspects based on operational performance of nuclear fuel fabrication facilities TECDOC-1306
Working Material of the 15th Meeting of the CEG N/A N/A
Radioactive Waste Management Registry - RWM Registry Version 1.0.1 RWM Registry, Version 1.0.1 N/A
Socio-economic and other non-radiological impacts of the near surface disposal of radioactive waste TECDOC-1308
Radioactive Waste Management - Status and Trends Number 2 IAEA-WMBD/ST/2
Waste Management Research Abstracts No. 27 IAEA/WMRA/27
Management of spent high activity radioactive sources (SHARS) TECDOC-1301
Fuel behaviour under transient and LOCA conditions TECDOC-1320 and CD
Institutional framework for long term management of high level waste and/or spent nuclear fuel TECDOC-1323
Management of radioactive wastes from non-power applications - sharing the experience IAEA-CSP-15/CD
Scientific and technical basis for the near surface disposal of low and intermediate level waste IAEA-TRS-412
Application of ion-exchange processes for treatment of radioactive waste and management of spent ion-exchangers IAEA-TRS-408
Record Keeping for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities - Guidelines and Experience IAEA-TRS-411
Management of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes with regard to their chemical toxicity TECDOC-1325
Effects of radiation and environmental factors on the durability of materials in spent fuel storage and disposal TECDOC-1316
Environmental remediation of uranium production facilities joint OECD/IAEA N/A

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