Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

NEFW Publications, 2001

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Title IAEA Symbol PDF
Multi-purpose container technologies for spent fuel management TECDOC-1192
Organization and management for decommissioning of large nuclear facilities IAEA-TRS-399
Waste Management Research Abstracts No. 26 IAEA/WMRA/26
Characterization of groundwater flow for near surface disposal facilities TECDOC-1199
Technologies for the management of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants and back end nuclear fuel cycle activities - Proceedings of a Symposium held in Taejon, Republic of Korea, 30 Aug-3 Sept 1999 IAEA-CSP-6/CD
Monitoring of geological repositories for high level radioactive waste TECDOC-1208
Management for the prevention of accidents from disused sealed radioactive sources TECDOC-1205
Nuclear graphite waste management IAEA-NGWM/CD
Analysis of uranium supply to 2050 STI/PUB/1104
Waste Inventory Record Keeping Systems (WIRKS) for the management and the disposal of radioactive waste TECDOC-1222
Country nuclear fuel cycle profiles IAEA-TRS-404
Methods for the minimization of radioactive waste from decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities IAEA-TRS-401
Nuclear fuel behaviour modelling at high burnup and its experimental support TECDOC-1233
Manual of acid in situ leach uranium mining technology TECDOC-1239
Implementation of burnup credit in spent fuel management systems TECDOC-1241
The use of scientific and technical results from underground research laboratory investigations for the geological disposal of radioactive waste TECDOC-1243
Impact of new environmental and safety regulations on uranium exploration, mining, milling and management of its waste TECDOC-1244
Radioactive waste management - status and trends IAEA/WMDB/ST/1
Seismic design considerations of nuclear fuel cycle facilities TECDOC-1250
Design criteria for a world-wide directory of radioactive contaminated sites (DRCS) TECDOC-1251
Handling and processing of radioactive waste from nuclear applications IAEA-TRS-402
Assessment of uranium deposit types and resources - a worldwide perspective TECDOC-1258
Procedures and techniques for closure of near surface disposal facilities for radioactive waste TECDOC-1260
Technical considerations in the design of near surface disposal facilities for radioactive waste TECDOC-1256
Performance of engineered barrier materials in near surface disposal facilities for radioactive waste TECDOC-1255

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