Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

NEFW Publications, 2000

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Title IAEA Symbol PDF
Inspection and verification of waste packages for near surface disposal TECDOC-1129
Recycle and reuse of materials and components from waste streams of nuclear fuel cycle facilities TECDOC-1130
Control assembly materials for water reactors: Experience, performance and perspectives TECDOC-1132
The decommissioning of WWER type nuclear power plants TECDOC-1133
Handling, conditioning and storage of spent sealed radioactive sources TECDOC-1145
Site characterization techniques used in environmental restoration TECDOC-1148
MOX Fuel Cycle Technologies for Medium and Long Term Deployment - Proceedings of a symposium held in Vienna, 17-21 May 1999 IAEA-CSP-3/P + IAEA-CSP-3/CD
Radioactive Waste Management Profiles - A Compilation of Data from the Waste Management Database - No. 3 IAEA/WMDB/3 CD + Booklet
Advanced methods of process/quality control in nuclear reactor fuel manufacture TECDOC-1166
Methods of exploitation of different types of uranium deposits TECDOC-1174
Extrapolation of short term observations to time periods relevant to the isolation of long lived radioactive waste TECDOC-1177
Fuel chemistry and pellet-clad interaction related to high burnup fuel TECDOC-1179
Management of radioactive waste from the use of radionuclides in medicine TECDOC-1183
Iodine induced stress corrosion cracking of Zircaloy fuel cladding materials TECDOC-1185
Waste Management Research Abstracts No. 25 IAEA/WMRA/25

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