Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

NEFW Publications, 1999

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Title IAEA Symbol PDF
Remote technology in spent fuel management TECDOC-1061
Hydrogeological investigation of sites for the geological disposal of radioactive waste IAEA-TRS-391
Procedures and techniques for the management of experimental fuels from research and test reactors TECDOC-1080
Spent fuel storage and transport cask decontamination and modification TECDOC-1081
Potential vulnerabilities of nuclear fuel cycle facilities to the year 2000 (Y2K) issue and measures to address them TECDOC-1087
Technical options for the remediation of contaminated groundwater TECDOC-1088
Technologies for remediation of radioactively contaminated sites TECDOC-1086
Storage of spent fuel from power reactors (Proceedings of a symposium held in Vienna, 9-13 November 125%8) TECDOC-1089
Survey of wet and dry spent fuel storage TECDOC-1100
Status and trends in spent fuel reprocessing TECDOC-1103
Review of the factors affecting the selection and implementation of waste management technologies TECDOC-1096
Maintenance of records for radioactive waste disposal TECDOC-1097
Use of natural analogues to support radionuclide transport models for deep geological repositories for long lived radioactive wastes TECDOC-1109
Minimization of waste from uranium purification, enrichment and fuel fabrication TECDOC-1115
Compliance monitoring for remediated sites TECDOC-1118
State-of-the-art technology for decontamination and dismantling of nuclear facilities IAEA-TRS-395
On-site disposal as a decommissioning strategy TECDOC-1124
Water chemistry and corrosion control of cladding and primary circuit components TECDOC-1128
Waste management research abstracts No. 23-24 CD-ROM

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