Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

"The objective of the Division is to support and catalyse reliable, safe, effective and proliferation resistant use of nuclear technologies in existing and new nuclear programs throughout the world by providing practical guidance, review services, training, technology development and innovations related to nuclear fuel cycles, waste management and research reactors. "

Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle
and Waste Technology


The Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology is responsible for formulating and implementing the Agency's nuclear fuel cycle and waste management related activities. The activities are mainly in two parts: safe, secure, environmentally sound and cost effective nuclear fuel cycle activities associated with nuclear power and research reactors; and waste management strategies and technologies associated with all activities that generate radioactive waste, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and remediation of radioactively contaminated sites.

The Division is organised into three Sections to implement its activities. These are:

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section is mainly responsible for implementing the activities related to Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Material Technologies. More »

Waste Technology Section
The IAEA's Waste Technology Section (WTS) covers a broad spectrum of activities from radioactive waste characterization and conditioning to disposal, decommissioning and site remediation. More »

Research Reactor Section
Research reactors (RRs) will continue to be a key component for the development of peaceful applications of atomic energy and essential for nuclear science related human resources development through education and training. More »