IAEA Radioactive Waste Management Networks

In response to growing demand from Member States for assistance in different aspects of radioactive waste management, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and site remediation, Networks have been established to increase efficiency in sharing international experience in these thematic areas. These Networks are intended to bring together managers, planners, and implementers of nuclear technologies who wish to improve international practices and approaches in their area.

The thematic areas and corresponding Networks are:

  • Decommissioning – IDN
  • Environmental Remediation – ENVIRONET
  • Underground Research Laboratories for Geological Disposal of HLW – URF
  • Low-level waste disposal – DISPONET
  • Waste Characterization –LABONET

CONNECT Yourself!

The term “CONNECT” stands for “Connecting the Network of Networks for Enhanced Communication and Training”. CONNECT will provide a common web-based platform suitable for use by all IAEA professional communities of practice (i.e., “Networks”).

The key functions of CONNECT are to facilitate collaboration between network participants, for example through online interactions such as discussion forums and cooperative document production, and sharing experience and expertise through “lessons learned” and by direct consultation between participants. Click here to find out more on CONNECT.


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