Waste Technology Section

Underground Research Facilities Network (URF)

Training Course on Lessons learnt to support the development of effective stakeholder engagement strategies for radioactive waste disposal

19—23 November 2012, Warsaw, Poland

Held jointly with DISPONET

day 1

Welcome, introduction to the programmes and course

What is stakeholder dialogue and what are the basic principles of an engagement strategy? (P. Richardson, Galson Sciences)

A brief history of stakeholder engagement in relation to radioactive waste disposal programmes. What are the issues and concerns and what has been achieved?
(P. Richardson, Galson Sciences)

Lessons learnt from the Czech RWM stakeholder dialogue programme  (M. Dufkova, CEZ and P. Richardson, Galson Sciences)

Lessons learnt from the Hungarian PURAM RWM stakeholder dialogue programme (P. Ormai, IAEA)

day 2

Identification and analysis of stakeholders, stakeholder groups, their motivations and interests and their impacts
(P. Richardson, Galson Sciences)

Interactions with stakeholders and delivery of messages (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

Tools and techniques for effective communication with stakeholders (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement and revising plans (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

day 3

Development of strategic plans for stakeholder engagement (M. Dufkova, CEZ and P. Richardson, Galson Sciences)

Group Exercise 1 – Assessing the task; defining, analysing and prioritizing stakeholder groups

Group Exercise 2
– Development of a strategic plan for engagement with stakeholders

day 4

Group Exercise 3 – Designing and implementing a communications plan

Presentations from the exercises and discussion:

Strategic planning in context – examples and case studies of nuclear projects communication (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

Lessons learnt: siting strategy for a nuclear-related facility (radwaste deep geological feasibility project in a non-nuclear region in France after Chernobyl (B. Faucher, ANDRA)

day 5

Extra presentations:

Case Study - Interim spent fuel storage facility (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

Strategic communications plan (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

Nuclear Communication International Resources (M. Dufkova, CEZ)

Communication and stakeholders involvement (A. Izumo - IAEA)

Experience and challenges in the remediation of contaminated areas after the Fukushima NPP accident (A. Izumo - IAEA)

Potential pitfalls

Facilitated discussion – the way forward with stakeholder engagement for radioactive waste disposal

Course summary and discussion

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