Waste Technology Section

Underground Research Facilities Network (URF)

Regional Training Course on Evaluating and Describing Site Conditions for Geological Disposal based on the ANDRA Programme of Site Characterisation and Underground Experiments in France

16—20 May 2011, Meuse / Haute-Marne, France

day 1 - Overall strategy and main activities at the Meuse/Haute-Marne Center

General presentation of Andra’s Project à Bure - J. Delay

Site Characterization technologies and techniques – J. Delay

Underground research Program – J. Delay

Visit of the surface installations Corestore and workshop - J. Delay, M. Lundy and C. Aurière

day 2 - Surface investigations

Geological Survey and borehole logging - P. Landrein and C. Righini

Geophysical survey 2D and 3D survey - .M. Hayet

Hydrotesting in deep wells - M. Cruchaudet

Geomechanical testing, in situ stress measurement - N. Conil and G. Armand

Hydrogeochemical characterization - Y. Linard

Piezometric head network and monitoring - E .Scholtz

day 3 - Geosynthesis and field trip

Geological history and palaeogeographical reconstruction - G. Vigneron

Hydogeological and geochemical flow model - A.Vinsot

Tour of the transposition Zone and ZIRA - J. Delay

Visit of a Drilling pad - E. Scholtz

Data management - P. Tabani

day 4 - Experimental program in the URL

Shaft and Drift sinking technologies and techniques – EDZ characterization - A.Noiret

Saturation Dewatering experiment SDZ - M. Cruchaudet

Hydrogeochemical experiment - A.Vinsot

Diffusion Experiments - S. Dewonck

Interaction Rock and material - Y. Linard

Groupe 1 : Visit of the URL - J. Delay

Groupe 2 : Visit of the ETE - E. Poirot and E. Hance

OPE Project

day 5 - Demonstrator experiment

Groupe 2 : Visit of the URL - J. Delay

Groupe 1 : Visit of the ETE - E. Poirot and E. Hance

OPE Project

Excavation of the HL-LLW Cells - J. Morel

Deep Disposal facility surface installations

Deep Disposal facility underground installations

Debriefing of the Training Course - J. Delay

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