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International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET)

Technical Meeting on Radioactive Waste Characterization - Practices and Trends, Brussels, Belgium - 21—23 November 2012

The Technical Meeting was organized by the IAEA in cooperation with SCK•CEN, Belgium as part of the activities planned in the framework of LABONET. The purpose of the meeting was to provide a forum for the exchange of information and discussions on good practices, latest developments, challenges, future directions and stakeholder communication issues in the area of radioactive waste characterization. Twenty five participants from nineteen Member States participated in the meeting.

The technical programme included presentations and discussion on particular waste characterization programmes and topics covering specific technical areas. Visits to SCK•CEN facilities at Mol and Belgoprocess Isotopolis Centre, at Dessel, were organized.

day 1

Welcome and opening address (S. Samanta, IAEA)
Chairperson: P. Van Iseghem - SCK•CEN, Belgium

Radwaste characteristics and inventory estimation of radionuclides in A.G.E. radioactive solid waste trenches
(S. Ayrad - CNEA, Argentina)

Validation of gamma ray spectroscopy systems for free release measurements
(K. Fernando - ANSTO, Australia)

Waste characterization in nuclear engineering Seibersdorf GmbH
(W. Neckel - NES, Autria)

In-situ gamma spectroscopy during decommissioning (S. Boden - SCK•CEN, Belgium)

Characterization of cemented low and intermediate level radioactive waste forms in China (G. Xiliang - CIRP, China)

French organization and techniques in solid radioactive waste characterization : past, present and future (J-P. Dancausse - CEA, France)

Free release measurement – engineering, innovation, implementation (M. Kazda - ENVINET, Czech Republic)

The Jülich R&D on advanced nuclear waste characterization and conditioning techniques
(H. Tietze-Jaensch - FZ Jülich, Germany)

New ways and results in radioactive waste characterization in Paks NPP
(A. Menyhart - PAKS, Hungary)

Solid low-level radioactive waste management at the JRC-Ispra site (J-P. Guisset - JRC, Italy)

ISO standard of waste activity evaluation method for contaminated and activated waste (M. Kashiwagi - JGC, Japan)

day 2

Technical visit to SCK•CEN facilities
  • Underground research laboratory in clay
  • The BR3 test reactor dismantling project

Meeting in the ISOTOPOLIS visitor’s centre (Belgoprocess)
  • Presentation (T. Huys, Belgoprocess, Belgium)
  • Study of the compatibility of compacted and cemented cellulose based waste with the geological disposal environment (E. Valcke - SCK•CEN, Belgium)

day 3

Latest developments on radiochemical characterization processes of radioactive waste from dismantling nuclear power reactors (G. Pina - CIEMAT, Spain)

Radioactive waste characterization in JAVYS - operational experiences, good practices and problems
(D. Krasny - JAVYS, Slovakia)

Radiological characterization of low and intermediate level historic R&D waste in the Netherlands
(L. van Velzen - NRG, Netherlands)

Status of radioactive waste form examination facility in KAERI and its application
(D-S. Hong - KAERI, Korea)

Radioactive waste characterization in Switzerland
(B. Volmert - NAGRA, Switzerland)

Status and challenges for the characterization of legacy waste in Denmark
(D. Bohr - Danish Decommissioning, Denmark)

The UK's approach to radioactive waste management, and the drivers behind the developing waste management and minimization strategy
(P. Hiller - NNL, U.K.)

Radioactive waste characterization as a socio-technical challenge
(J. Schröder - SCK•CEN, Belgium)

HLW reprocessing and nuclear inventory verification methods and the German prospects of HLW direct disposal characterization (H. Tietze-Jaensch - FZ Jülich, Germany)

Proficiency test on radiological characterization of irradiated graphite (G. Pina - CIEMAT, Spain)

Briefing by Rapporteurs (T. Huys and P. Schillebeeckx)

Summary and conclusions

TM on Radioactive Waste Characterization in Brussels, Belgium 2012


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