Waste Technology Section

International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET)

Scope of Activities

In line with accepted and recommended policies, strategies and methodologies, LABONET aims to disseminate and continue to develop expertise in radioactive waste and waste package characterization. It aims to stimulate best practice and share lessons learned. Being an interactive network it aims at the timely sharing of such expertise. Typical activities will include:

  • Hosting by Partners of training courses;

  • Organization and delivery of relevant workshops;

  • Establishments of a website to facilitate a Community of Practice for characterization laboratories;

    • Database of procedures, standards, etc.

    • Contacts

    • Interactive exchange of information

  • Define and coordinate staff exchanges and missions to Partner member locations;

  • Provide qualified peers amongst the Partners and Participants of LABONET to support IAEA efforts on peer reviews and technical support;

  • Define and coordinate funded research projects, i.e. IAEA Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs);

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