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International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET)

The Annual Meeting of the International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET), Vienna, IAEA Headquarters - 10—12 December 2013

The Annual Meeting of the International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET) was organized at IAEA headquarters from 10 to 12 December, 2013.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide a forum for the exchange of information and discussions on good practices, latest developments, challenges and future directions in the area of radioactive waste characterization. Twenty seven participants from twenty one Member States participated in the meeting. In addition four members of LABONET Steering Committee also attended.

The technical programme included presentations and discussion on particular waste characterization programmes and topics covering specific technical areas. Abstracts and full papers were also prepared by several participants. The proceedings are made available here for wider dissemination. 

day 1

Welcome by Scientific Secretary of TM (S. Samanta, IAEA)
Opening of TM by Director, Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Management (J. C. Lentijo, IAEA)
Opening remarks by Acting Section Head, Waste Technology Section (V. Michal, IAEA) 
Opening remarks by Chairperson of TM (G. Liebenberg, NECSA, South Africa)

1 - Validation of Gamma Spectroscopy Systems for Free Release Measurements
by Mr Kapila Fernando, ANSTO, Australia
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

2 - Developments and improvements in waste characterization in Argentina
by Ms Melina Löbbe, CAE – CNEA,  Argentina
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

3 - Progress in the Characterization of Radioactive Waste in Brazil
by Mr Júlio Takehiro Marumo, IPEN-CNEN/SP, Brazil
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

4 - Analytical Solutions for Nuclear Waste Characterization - A Sequential Approach to Radiochemical Characterization
by Mr Rob Taylor, Kinectrics, Canada
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

5 - Characterization of Radioactive Wastes in China
by Mr Zhentao Zhang, CIAE, China
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

6 - European Project ‘Metrology for Radioactive Waste Management
by Mr Petr Kovar, Czech Metrology Institute, Czech Republic
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

7 - Destructive and Non-destructive Controls of Radioactive Waste at CEA
by Mr Lionel Boucher, CEA, France
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

8 - On Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal, Characterization, Quality Control, and Numerical Assessment of Radioactive Waste Properties
by Mr Holger Tietze-Jaensch, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

9 - Radiological Characterization and Clearance of Radioactive Waste at NCSR “Demokritos”
by Ms Anastasia Savidou and Mr A. Hanousis, Demokritos, Greece
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

10 - Determination of Difficult-To-Measure Isotopes in Low- and Intermediate-level Liquid Radioactive waste
by Mr Laszlo Palcsu, Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungary
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

day 2

11 - Research in NDA Techniques for Waste Characterization at the JRC
by Mr Bent Pedersen, JRC, European Commission
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

12 - Management System for Radioactive Waste at JRC-Ispra
by Mr Jean-Philippe Guisset, JRC, European Commission
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

13 - Characterization System of KAERI for Final Disposal of Low and Intermediate Radwaste
by Mr Dae-Seok Hong, Republic of Korea
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

14 - Radioactive Waste Laboratory of the National Institute of Nuclear Research (Mexico)
by Ms Fabiola Monroy-Guzman, ININ, Mexico
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

15 - Proficiency test: Non-destructive Assay of 220 litre Waste Drums by Gamma Assay Systems
by Mr Leo van Velzen, NRG, Netherlands
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

16 - Management of Historical Waste from Research Reactors: The Dutch experience
by Mr Leo van Velzen, NRG, Netherlands
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

17 - Practices and Results in Radioactive Waste Characterization at PC NFS
by Mr M. Milošević, Nuclear Facilities, Serbia
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

18 - Developments in radioactive waste characterization in South Africa
by Mr Gert Liebenberg, NECSA, South Africa
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

19 – Recent Developments in Radioactive Waste Characterization in Spain
by Ms Elena Vico del Cerro, ENRESA, and Mr Gabriel Pina, CIEMAT, Spain
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

20 - Characterization of Radioactive Waste arising from the Operation and Decommissioning of the European Spallation Source
by Ms Daniela Ene, European Spallation Source, Sweden
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

21 - Behaviour of C-14 in Waste Streams from Swedish LWR-Reactors
by Mr Klas Källström, SKB, Sweden
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

day 3

22 - Application of Bulk Assay Technologies
by Ms Helen Beddow, Nuvia, United Kingdom
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

23 - Radioactive waste characterization activities at SCK•CEN
by Mr Pierre Van Iseghem, SCK•CEN, Belgium
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

24 - Proficiency Testing of (Gamma) Non-Destructive Assay Laboratories by NPL
by Mr Julian Dean, NPL, United Kingdom
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

25- RAW Characterization at Chernobyl NPP Industrial Site
Mr Andriy Poyarkov, Chernobyl NPP, Ukraine
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

26 - Characterization of Radioactive Waste after a Severe Accident
by Mr Volodymyr Berkovskyy, Radiation Protection Institute, Ukraine
(abstract) (paper) (presentation)

Rapporteurs Report (L. van Velzen, NRG, Netherlands and K. Fernando, ANSTO, Australia)
Summary and conclusions

Annual Meeting of LABONET in Vienna, Austria, IAEA Headquarters 2013


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