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Events held in 2015

The IDN in cooperation with the Technical Cooperation Department held and will hold a series of events in 2015 under the Project RER/9/120. Click here to check more information on each of them.

Conference on Advancing the Global Implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation - 23–27 May 2016, Madrid, Spain

The next Conference on Advancing the Global Implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation will be held in Madrid (Spain), from 23 to 27 May 2016.
The conference will share and review challenges, achievements and lessons learned related to the decommissioning and environmental remediation programmes that have been implemented during the past decade.
Key goals will include raising awareness of the importance of addressing the legacies from past activities, identifying current priority needs and providing recommendations on the strategies and approaches that can enable and enhance safe, secure and cost-effective implementation of national and international programmes during the next one to two decades.
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IDN Annual Forum 2015

The IDN Annual Forum will be held in Vienna, at the IAEA Headquarters, from 10-12 November 2015. The meeting is the main annual gathering of the organisations participating in the International Decommissioning Network (IDN). Its objective is to provide a forum in which participants review the mission and work programme of the IDN and decide on future activities in the short and medium term. The meeting provides opportunities for participants to update each other and the IAEA on their own ongoing/planned decommissioning activities, and for IAEA staff to bring participants up-to-date on relevant activities within its own programme.


A comparison of laser-cutting techniques and their performance seen in Japan As provided by Dr. Satoshi Yanagihara, JAEA Lasercutting.pdf

Interesting facts and comparisons regarding laser-cutting, with thanks to Andrew Szilagyi http://www.teskolaser.com/waterjet_cutting.html

Considerations in dismantlement of the ASTRA biological shield 
(Preliminary input to a CRP by Dr Franz Meyer, Seibersdorf.)

US Department of Energy contractors have successfully cut a 1.4m diameter hole into one of the underground reinforced concrete tanks at Hanford. For more information, contact Andy Szilagyi and/or read more here.

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