Waste Technology Section

International Decommissioning Network (IDN)

Scope of Activities

IDN participants meet once each year at the 'IDN Forum', which takes place over three days and provides different opportunities for sharing of information between the participants, including specific events aimed at promoting networking.

The IDN's annual programme of events is developed each year by the Secretariat, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, taking account of the preferences expressed at the annual forum. Training events being facilitated by the IDN during 2011 have a significant 'hands-on' component and address:

  • Basics of decommissioning planning, and implementation for different types of nuclear installation (power plants, research reactors and uranium contaminated facilities)

  • Technologies for decommissioning, including their demonstration (cutting techniques, gamma camera scanning)

  • Waste management (including management of large components)

As well as the above issues the IDN has an ongoing interest in site characterization, dose and risk assessment, regulatory issues and criteria, methodologies for cost estimation and stakeholder engagement issues, and regularly organises workshops and/or training events relating to these issues.

(Source: Magnox Ltd.)

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