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International Decommissioning Network (IDN)

Group Scientific Visit to small nuclear facilities under active decommissioning in Europe, Trnava and Bohunice, Slovakia - 11—14 October 2011

The primary objective of this visit was to provide participants with an understanding of overall process required for effective project planning for a small nuclear facilities D&D projects.

The Group Scientific Visit in the course of four days provided:

  • Lectures on key topics related to D&D projects of small nuclear facilities;
  • Visits to decommissioned and RAW management facilities, discussions with field supervisory personnel on site, and demonstration of developed technologies.

The following topics were addressed:

  • Project planning and decision-making;
  • Project costing;
  • Regulation and policy;
  • Characterization, sampling, and analysis;
  • Site closure.

Presentations given:

Group Scientific Visit to Trnava and Bohunice, Slovakia

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